Some of the most beautiful creatures start out,well, not so pretty.Like this caterpillar for example,it’s not cutest thing in the world right? Just wait, things will turn out just like there supposed to.


2 thoughts on “caterpiller

  1. I love the thought of what God has in store for the caterpillar. But, I have to admit my first thought was, “Yuck! How could you get that close to it?” But, then another thought hit me. Perhaps that is part of the secret. If we avoid the things that aren’t so pretty, we miss out on a lot. Sometimes, we just have to get up close and embrace them.

    • You are correct!!! :) I love caterpillers!!! Although, I love other things like snakes and frogs exc. Anyway the camra got close not me, not that I was grossed out by it,you saw those spikes right? well, there not harmful, the poison on the feathers is harmful if you get it in your mouth or eyes.

      EDIT: I was wrong, that was a caterpiller simmiler to it my mistake.(oops!!!)

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