Read this!!!


I am entering a photography contest for a magazine I read. please Like,or Comment on the pictures you think might have a chance of winning, thanks!

Used my moms phone for this picture.


4 thoughts on “Read this!!!

  1. Got a question for you. Are you going to post a series of pictures we can vote on, or did you want us to comment/like/vote on each picture as you post it? I love the sunlight in this one, by the way :)

    • Ummm…….I kinda meant the one I already put up.
      What I meat to say was: Does anyone think I have a chace of winning,with any of the pics I have up. Sooo pretty much voting on any pics I put up.

  2. OK, I just reviewed the pictures you’ve posted so far. You have a lot of beautiful pictures to pick from :) I love some of the captions you’ve written about perspective, especially with the random pictures of objects. I am not familiar with rules on what judges look for in a photograph, but these are the some of the ones I liked the best: Caterpillar (7/19), spider on a web (7/17), tree-the second shot (7/11), the yellow flower with raindrops (7/6), the last lizard shot (7/6), the white and purple flower (7/5), and the open flower (7/4). I hope you do great!

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