New Blog Announcement

Okay, so as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting consistently for a while. The reason is that I’m trying to begin a new website, one that displays all my talents. It will be one where I will be selling my art and photography too, but this new website will be mainly to promote my author name once my book comes out.  


The only post I will be doing after this one will be to announce my new website domain name. I would really appreciate it if some of you would follow me over to my next website where I will be posting something every week on set days. There will be writing tips/ideas, author interviws, character bios, book reviews, writing prompts, contests, and much more. This new website is meant to be much more interactive for my readers and a lot more consistent. 

By following me over to my next blog, you not only help me, but you will also be getting the first updates on any new novels I’m working on, the first chance to enter a contest, or the first one to know about a freebies that I’ll be offering. So when I put out the link to my next blog, be the first person to check it out! You’ll be able to see the first updates on my new website, and when I launch it, I’ll be doing a giveaway, so make sure you get there first!


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