New Blog Coming Soon.

So, as a few of you know, I’ve bought a domain name, and am planning to start a new website once I’ve found a good hosting service. I plan to announce that new site here, and I hope some of you will follow me over there.

I was going to get a hosting plan this month, but my phone just got busted, and now I have to use the money I had set aside for my website for a new phone.

The reason I’m switching from this blog to a new one is because I started this blog for my photography about 4 years ago. Almost 2 years ago, I discovered my love for writing, and have since published Jaded: The SilentWhisperer, which you can find on amazon at that link. The new blog will be mainly for connecting with my readers and posting writing advice, book reviews, updates on my next book, and short stories. I hope you’ll come and follow me there, so watch out for a post soon where I will tell you is running!


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