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The Kitty Owns the Place

Ever seen a cat be disdainful? Well, now you have.


Formatting a Book in Novel Form

This post is a warning: formatting a book is hard! Okay, okay, we’ve all heard people say that, but don’t you always think, even just in the back of your mind-“oh, but it won’t be AS hard for me because I read all the books on it. I’ll be fine.”
This is a lie! I know from just starting to format my book (hopefully to be out in March). Read your books on formatting, that helps, just know that no matter what you do; it will be hard.
Just a word of advice.

Writer Woes


Each notebook/folder/binder holds a different story. (Some even hold two, *gasp!*) This is my accumulation of just two years of writing, not to mention a couple of stories I have on my computer.
Out of these, only one has made it to the second draft, third draft, and on up. This story is the first in a trilogy; but what about the other six to seven that I started but never finished?
Alas, such is the life of a writer.
You’ll start a book, decide you like a different idea better, start on that, go back to that other story you abandoned, start editing a blog post, find a book you never knew you started…and on and on and on.
One book, from one of these notebooks/folders/binders, actually made it. It is alive and thriving in its new form(s). I am having two people edit this manuscript for me, and I hope to have it published by March. (I’m self-publishing it).
How do you get past the start, stop, start again trouble? Wait for it…
Just write!
When you start a novel, keep on going until that thing has made it through the first draft. But what if you get an amazing idea while you’re writing this other book?
Jot it down on a piece of paper/phone notes and save it for later. That way, if you finish your first draft, you can start on your next adventure!
This is how I do it, how do you?

The Queen of the Jungle: The Tiger


Found this in my photos. I had forgotten to upload it at the time, so here it is. The queen of the jungle; the tiger. I would have liked to draw the tiger in color, but for me it is much easier to incorporate shadows when just using plain pencil. I used a 2B, a 4B, and a 6B for this drawing.