Photography Tips

Hey, so if any of you people out there who read my blog want to learn about how I took a picture, here’s where to go.


First, there is lighting. It’s all about the lighting, you can take a really cool angled picture, and that’s great, but it’s not going to look good at all if you take it when the lighting is wrong. Say I wanted to take a picture of a leaf and make the background dull, but the leaf crisp and sharp? You could take it in overcast, and it would be fine, but to give it that really crisp looking edge, You should take it in afternoon light (overhead), or take the picture below the leaf and have the sunlight shine through it. Like this,

Kat pics 247 or this, mmmm 007


Overcast is a great lighting for just about anything. The reason for this is because it makes each color meld easily into the next and for some reason cameras seem to focus better on the subject you’re taking a picture of. I love to take pictures of things with water on them in this lighting. It makes the water, instead of just being clear, sparkles white. Overcast is also great for portraits. In overhead light the person you’re takeing a picture of will have deep shadows under their eyebrows and chin, making the person look a bit old or freaky. Overcast will let you see the person’s eyes clearly and makes a person’s face look smooth and one tone. Overcast is good for animal pictures, because, as I’ve said before, lets your camera focus better. Here is a picture I took in overcast light.

NEW Leaf yeah

Overhead (Afternoon light)

Overhead light is great if you want your subject to be really bright, or if you just want your picture to have a bright, crisp, look to it. In overhead light I really like to take pics behind leaves, it looks cool to see all the veins coursing through the leaf. Or, like this picture,bbbfff 031

You could take your camera and put it agenst the tree, and see many leaves illuminated by the sun. I especially like to do this in fall when a lot of  the leaves on one tree are different colors.

tree, fall, plants/

Often people try to take portraits in overhead light, and it doesn’t turn out well. Why? Because overhead  will find every dent and impression on one’s face and make them look older. You can take portraits in overhead, but take it on a porch or under a tree, somewhere with shade, that way you can see your subject’s face clearly, but the background is bright and fuzzy.

Dawn and Dusk

Now this kind of light is really one of the best. I love to take silhouette pictures in this lighting, with the background all different colors, and then the outline of a tree, person, or pet. Portraits actually work well in this lighting, as long as the subject is facing the sun. Here are some pics I took in this lighting.

kkk 011

kkk 007

This one was not exactly at sundown, but it still turned out well. puppylove TREEE

This pic was at sundown, but it was overcast. this one is of an old tree in my backyard. In dusk or dawn light be wary of doing pictures of food, it can cause the food to look a little glazed. But dusk and dawn light is great for just about anything if you set your camera on the sunrise setting.

Natural Light  Vs  Unnatural Light

I prefer natural light, and I’ve got to say, most photographers would probably say the same thing. The light from a lightbulb is harsh and kind of weird-looking, if you ask me, but you can make it work for you…. sometimes. Like this pic is okay,

doggy 001

But the one below is better.

doggy 006

The reason the bottom one is better than the top one is because the top one is indoor light and the bottom one is by a window, which is letting in natural light. So Indoor light can work, but I for one think natural light is a lot better.

Please comment if you have Questions, and if you’re interest for more photography tips and other posts by teens click here.


2 thoughts on “Photography Tips

    • I have a 16 mega-pixel Nikon digital camera.

      Also, remember, a good camera is great, and does take certain pictures better, but if you’ve got talent then you can use an I-phone and still take great pictures. You could even use a disposable camera and take great pics. So pretty much all you need to take a good picture is a camera, talent, and the right lighting.

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